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Welcome to Brogdale - Home of the National Fruit Collection

The University of Reading is responsible for the curation and maintenance of the National Fruit Collection. The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent. Project partners, the Farm Advisory Services Team (FAST), will be responsible for the maintenance of the Collection. Public access is organised by Brogdale Collections, who are developing the site as a visitor attraction.

The National Fruit Collection includes over 3,500 named Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, Bush fruit, Vine and Cob Nut cultivars. The collection is owned by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and is part of an international programme to protect plant genetic resources for the future.

See the Brogdale Collections website for details of forthcoming events or for information on visiting Brogdale Farm.

For retail plant sales and details of the other businesses at Brogdale Farm, see Brogdale Market Place.

More information on the National Fruit Collection is available at "", which includes a new database of fruit varieties growing at Brogdale.


For professional advice on commercial growing see the FAST website.